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Have Coach Nick at your next Product Launch, Kick-Off Event, National Sales Meeting or Sales Management Training, US

The Coach is an amazing Keynote Speaker–he can raise the will of audiences to win. Sky High! And make no mistake–Nick holds forth … but he absolutely doesn’t hold back. He tells it like it is!

Nick knows what it takes to be an MVP… to generate high volume sales… to permanently reframe your thinking to be positive and productive. Think of Coach Nick as the Dr Phil of Sales – he pulls no punches. With a record of leading revenue-driven organizations, he offers tips and techniques that can be put to use that very day... in the field and in the office … and even at home!

His Championship Selling method is based upon improving relationships and, boy, does he ever walk that walk, even up there on stage. He relates to people.

His presentations are highly interactive – they challenge the audience to think and question their assumptions… beliefs that can sideline a salesperson and hold the team back from excelling. Coach Nick asks the hard questions, tells anecdotes that are both amusing and instructive, and gets his audiences to commit to change. Inner and Outer.

"The answers you are looking for are right in front of you."

— Coach Nick

Coach Nick teaches the rules of the game and then how to win them. After all, the purpose of Coach Nick’s dynamic sales talks is to make champions of salespeople. He clearly explains the secrets to getting referrals, networking success, ‘paying it forward’, and branding yourself.

Book Coach Nick to hear first hand about the Championship Selling Method and make it a memorable sales training program, leaving your audience feeling invigorated and prepared to go out there and triumph.

“Play to WIN!”

— Coach Nick

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