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"Six Steps To Stand Out At Networking Events"

1. Target & Focus – “Less Is More”
    - set a goal

2. Introduce yourself differently 
    - craft a unique 'Elevator Pitch' (see article on developing an Elevator Pitch,

3. Ask the two most important questions when you meet someone to get them to talk
     - How did you get into your business?
     - Who’s an ideal prospect for you?

4. Write a hand-written note (not email) to the people you met after the event so you stand out
     - visit, for an easy way to send out handwritten notes

5. Send an article of interest to the people you met five weeks later to stay on their radar

6. Request an informal in-person meeting five weeks later and look for ways to help them  

7. Always be outwardly focused and look for ways to support others

"It is literally true….you can succeed best & quickest by helping others to succeed" – Napoleon Hill

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