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People love the Coach!

Every good sales manager / salesperson knows that no single individual or workshop is going to change you into an instant superstar. The best we can do is to surround ourselves with talented support, and from my perspective Nick is someone I plan to have around me and my staff for a long time to come. His professional program sales training did set us up for some big plays, let me tell you.


— Charles Chesler, President,
Village Office Supply and Furniture of Connecticut

Nick has played a key role in planning and implementing ArchivesOne's organic growth strategy. We have made huge strides in our sales process, team member development and customer retention initiatives due to Coach Nick's ideas and support. We use Nick for inside sales coach training and for our field conferences as well.


— Jonathan D'Elia, Senior Vice President, ArchivesOne, Inc

Coach Nick developed attainable goals and strategies for each individual's areas of improvement, and aided with specific ways of implementing them in a natural style.
He possesses an engaging style which effectively keeps the team engaged and interactive throughout the training session.


— Joanne T. Wendling Director, Member Services ExecuNet

Coach Nick has been working with our Sales Team for over 2 years and his Training Sessions have had a great impact on our performance.  His lessons are geared towards solution based selling and are applicable for all levels of sales.  Nick does a great job of grabbing and keeping the reps’ attention, which is often not easy to do with sales folks!  Coach Nick’s Quick Guide is definitely a must for reps to have in their briefcases at all times as it provides a great overview of the process that sales reps should be following in order to maximize their opportunities and enhance their career.  I especially like the section on creating your own All-Star Team, I have implemented this myself over the past year and it has helped me a lot in regard to networking and recruiting new reps.  All in all, Nick has been a great compliment to our team and I look forward to having him be part of our success in the months to come.

— Stephen Callahan, VP Sales for Info Highway Communications

“Coach Nick” has spoken at the Hudson Valley Direct Marketing Association for three straight years and continues to inspire our membership. Every year we set our programs and every year the membership demands we include another session from “Coach Nick”. The last session covered many topics such as creating a sales team or as Nick says “your All Stars”. My phone was ringing off the hook the next day with such praise for Nick that it made me proud to say he’s my Coach. Others told me how effective the “Bow Tie” (what makes me different) segment was and they all have begun to put it into practice. We cannot wait for Nick’s session next time around. People are already asking me what the topic will be.


— John LaGreca, Vice President, Federal Direct

Coach Nick is an extremely effective communicator.  He took our staff of over 50 people through some interesting exercises which caused them to see the entire sales process in a whole new light.  Many of them have adopted at least one of his new sales approaches on actual accounts that they worked on.  Many months after our Sales Meeting the sales people are still talking about some of the tips which he shared with us.  We plan to use him again at a future Sales Meeting.


— Mike Pohl, Vice President, Horiba Instruments, Inc


Client List
-    ArchivesOne, Inc.
-    Associated Press
-    Boots/Retail
-    Deutsche Bank
-    Direct Media, Inc.
-    Excel Partners
-    Execunet
-    Federal Direct
-    Hain Celestial Group
-    Horiba Instruments
-    Huntingdon Life Sciences
-    InfoHighway Communications
-    Merrill Lynch
Mohegan Sun Casino & Resort
-    National Collectors Mint
-    Salomon Smith Barney
-    Sybase
-    Thomson Corporation
      (Micromedex Division)
-    Thomson Corporation
      (PDR Division)
-    Waldorf Astoria