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Sales Management Training US Workshops

See the Championship Selling guidebook come to life.

Whether for one day or one weekend, at a local sales meeting or on a national sales retreat, the Coach has a unique ability to engage his audience in a learning experience that is highly interactive and hugely entertaining.

Coach Nick is an energetic and charismatic speaker and he always draws an enthusiastic crowd. Salespeople instantly recognize his expertise and real world knowledge for what it is: bone fide!

A 20 year legacy of in-the-trenches and at-the-top sales experience lends Nick legitimacy and star status in the eyes of an occasionally jaded and ‘seen it all’ sales audience.

Once reps hear the real deal from the Coach, they are always motivated and the momentum just climbs from there! Nick says it like it is–and thanks to his unique mix of personality, perspective, and forthrightness, he has a strong, appreciative following. Even after he holds their feet to the fire!

Championship Selling workshops are minimal lecture and maximum participation. Select from a number of topics for a winning workshop– for a weekend or for a week.

To create a full offensive arsenal, you do what’s best for the ball club. You hire the Coach.

Sales Management Training US

Go through the personal process of ‘Bow Tie Branding’

Learn new ways to build your Referral Database

Explore the Psychology of Selling

Role Play Sales Approaches

Get Networking Tips and Techniques

Ramp up Sales Management & Leadership Skills

Create new Sales without ever Cold Calling

Coach Nick identifies workshop participants who can be “agents of change” after he leaves. A part of his agenda is to train these corporate message-keepers so that focus is kept on the key principles of the Championship Selling methodology, people stay pumped up, and the revenue-driving energy remains high.

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